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Compare Durandal to Angular, Not Knockout to Angular


Odds are you have been asked recently: “How does KnockoutJS compare to AngularJS?” There seems to be a lot of attempts to compare these two awesome libraries. We can certainly compare them, but will this really get you where you want to go? If you hear this question, ask “why” the person is asking it. If s/he wants a JavaScript/HTML based presentation framework then suggest that you compare Durandal to Angular. Why? Because Knockout is at heart a data-binding library, while Angular and Durandal are presentation frameworks. This is a hugely important concept to grasp, so let’s break down what’s […]

Structuring an Angular Project


We can build amazing SPA and HTML5 applications when choosing a powerful framework like Angular, Durandal, Ember, or Backbone. And while I love my personal favorites Angular and Durandal, it’s not all magic. There is a learning curve and some things are helpful to decide up front. Once you choose your presentation framework, you should decide how you will organize the structure of your project. UPDATE: Learn how you can refactor your Angular structure for growth in my “sequel” post. In this post I’ll show one way how I organize my Angular based projects and discuss why I like it. […]

Knockout and JavaScript Tips


Building JavaScript apps or SPA’s with Knockout and interested in taking those skills up a notch? Then check out my new course Essential Knockout and JavaScript Tips, at Pluralsight. By the end of this course you will learn more about how Knockout works, various debugging techniques for declarative HTML and JavaScript view models, exploring your data context and observables, the many uses of custom bindings, the power of subscriptions, custom functions and performance tuning. What’s in the Course? This Essential Knockout and JavaScript Tips course helps explain how to fine tune your Knockout based JavaScript apps. The course is divided […]

Free Video: SPA Primer with Durandal, Knockout and Breeze


I had the fortune to join a cast of heavy hitters at the free DotNetConf live event. My session was a 50 minute primer on SPA that tells a story about what a SPA can do. Javier Lozano and Scott Hanselman hosted the free event through a Google Hangout, which turned out pretty cool. They have now made the videos freely available. You can see my video below. If you are looking to evaluate if SPA is right for you, I think you’ll enjoy this video. If you want more detail on “how” to build a SPA, you can check […]

Knockout Lite Tools (KoLite 1.1.0)


Add commanding, change tracking, and activity indicators to your web application when using Knockout and KoLite. KoLite (now v 1.1.0) contains a set of helpers to aid in creating data bound applications using JavaScript and Knockout. KoLite was spawned by some ideas from Hans Fjällemark and I when working on some Knockout applications. The key features are: async command binding command binding activity indicator change detection Get KoLite You can grab the KoLite library on github or grab KoLite on NuGet. New in KoLite 1.1.0 Command binding handler supports binding to native Knockout bindings as well as the Knockout event […]

Knockout Intellisense in Visual Studio 2012


If you enjoy developing with Knockout.js, then you’ll be glad to hear that support has been added for Knockout Intellisense in Visual Studio 2012! These features are pretty cool and will save me and other developers from senseless typos. Developers who are newer to Knockout.js will enjoy the intellisense as an easy way to quickly learn the available built-in bindings. For this post I’ll explore these new features by using the new SPA Template included in the same release. You can read more about the SPA Template in my post Inside the ASP.NET SPA Template. The ASP.NET and Visual Web […]

Inside the ASP.NET Single Page Apps Template


The Single Page App (SPA) template is now available in the ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 (Release Candidate). This SPA template has been updated since its beta release which I blogged about here. Kudos to Mads Kristensen for spearheading this at Microsoft. I’ve been a big fan of SPA and of Mads for a while. I was thrilled to see some of my feedback (from my previous post/review) make it into this template. This post contains a complete walk through of all of the key pieces on the server and client side. What is the Intention of the Template? Since […]

Recent Presentation on SPA Basics


I’m working on a new course that will help folks get a jump-start on building a SPA. The course’s working title is SPA Fundamentals. I decided to present some of the early demos from this upcoming Pluralsight course at some recent events. These are early prototypes of the main app (titled “Code Camper JumpStart”)  that will be in my course, but they are a great starting point. This post contains the  Single Page Apps presentation I gave at DevConnections (Las Vegas, NV) and Tampa Code Camp (Florida) in October 2012. Thank you to the 600+ people who attended at both […]

Inside the ASP.NET Single Page Apps Template Beta


There are a bunch of shiny new toys, including a new Single Page App (SPA) template, inside the ASP.NET Fall 2012 Update BUILD Prelease  ( Download link for it is on this page here ) . The original template for SPA made an appearance over a year ago in a preview and was later removed prior to VS 2012 being released. (You may recall Upshot.js was part of the former template before both of their demises) The first run at the former template wasn’t really a template, but rather a specific way to create a SPA. This new template is a template . Kudos to Mads […]

What’s New in the ASP.NET Fall 2012 Update?


Last week at Build, Scott Hanselsman and Jon Galloway presented a whirlwind tour of the new features coming to Visual Studio and ASP.NET. These features are meant to be additive to your experience as they will not impede any existing projects, but should help add more value moving forward. What’s the goal? Once a quarter they release some yummy goodies for Visual Studio that you can run with. Download it You can grab the ASP.NET Fall 2012 Update BUILD Prelease (gotta love those names at Microsoft) now and they mentioned that the official release (non preview) will be coming in December. […]

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