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Knockout Lite Tools (KoLite 1.1.0)


Add commanding, change tracking, and activity indicators to your web application when using Knockout and KoLite. KoLite (now v 1.1.0) contains a set of helpers to aid in creating data bound applications using JavaScript and Knockout. KoLite was spawned by some ideas from Hans Fjällemark and I when working on some Knockout applications. The key features are: async command binding command binding activity indicator change detection Get KoLite You can grab the KoLite library on github or grab KoLite on NuGet. New in KoLite 1.1.0 Command binding handler supports binding to native Knockout bindings as well as the Knockout event […]

Single Page Apps – Part 10 – Saving, Change Tracking, Commanding, and Validation


Saving data is simple, right? What app isn’t complete without some sort of saving mechanism? And while I’m at it, it’s nice to be able to track when changes occur so I can tell if a user can press the save button or even leave the current screen. Which bring me to making my buttons smart enough to know that they are already involved in a asynchronous process, so commanding would be nice. Finally, if I want to save data, it might be a good idea to validate the input on the client (and the server). There are a lot […]

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