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10 Silverlight 5 Demos


Last week in Germany at DevConnections, I presented a session on 10 cool features in Silverlight 5. This presentation was a combination of demos that both I and Pete Brown had put together over the past few weeks. You can download the slide deck and the sample code right here.

The 10 topics I chose to demonstrate are:


I also presented a talk on MVVM, which uses the same BookShelf app demo I used at the Silverlight Firestarter. You can download the deck and demo for that from this link.

Note: I’m working on cleaning up my demos from my joint talk with Dan Wahlin on jQuery and KnockoutJS, which covered MVVM concepts.

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  • Jason

    When will you upload the video?

  • john

    Jason – Sorry, this presentation was not recorded.

  • Brandon

    The point of Silverlight is that it runs in the browser, why does everyone just post screenshots and not the running app?

  • Alex

    Hi John. I’m very excited about KnockoutJS. Are you going to post you new demos here?

  • john

    If you are interested in the 3d Demos:
    1) housebuilder is here http://bit.ly/lxI6P7
    2) Babylon here http://bit.ly/hUI868
    3) Solar Wind is here http://bit.ly/kL9WyH

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