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AiA logo - sm I love talking to developers about JavaScript, web development, and Angular in particular. That’s why I’m excited to announce that I have joined as a co-host on the new podcast for Adventures in Angular (aka AiA or ngAdventures), brought to you by the same folks who host the popular JavaScript Jabber show.

You can check out our:

Every week (Thursday mornings) you can join me and our All-Star panel of co-hosts Joe Eames, Aaron Frost, Charles Max Wood, Lukas Ruebbelke, Brian Ford, Misko Hevery, and Merrick Christensen for the latest episode of Adventures in Angular. We will rotate through cranking up a topic amongst ourselves and inviting a special guest in the Angular community. Each episode is 30 minutes-ish.

The first five episodes are now available:

  • Aaron

    John I look forward to your educational insights into the next version of AngularJS now that Rob from Durandal has decided to join the team. I’m hoping a lot of what made Durandal so easy is retained in the next version of Angular.

  • Rusty

    When is your new course on Angular coming to Pluralsight? Suppose to be End of August, what happened?

    • johnpapa7

      It’s in Pluralsight’s hands

  • Krishna Kumar

    John, would love your perspective on how easy/possible it is to use your HotTowel-Angular template to build mobile apps using Phonegap and a framework like Ionic. Just some general guidance on what kinds of changes/adaptations might be needed would be very appreciated. Thanks!

  • S. Wright

    Just finished ep. 1 and I’m enjoying the series so far. I look forward deeper dives into angular with things getting a bit more technical. I liked the links/projects referenced at the end of the cast – checked out and I might try out using it.

  • demisx

    The podcasts don’t play. I get a spinning wheel on

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