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Angular Workshop and an Xbox One?


If you want to learn how to build a SPA with Angular with me (and get an Xbox One), register for my SPA workshop at AngleBrackets and DEVIntersection and use code PAPA to get $50 off the conference registration! I hear workshop attendees can get an Xbox One too just for registering for a workshop!

We’ll cover syntax, but we’ll focus on how to ask the right questions and what choices are important to make as we demonstrate the techniques. Ward Bell (1 brilliant mind behind Breeze) will be guest starring and frankly there isn’t a data or business problem on Earth that he can’t solve (or at least I haven’t stumped him yet). So please join us for what should be an awesome day of SPA with Angular, Breeze, and real-world patterns for building web applications.
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Here is some of what we’ll be covering, either in discussion or demos:

What Do You Need in a SPA?

Measure twice, cut once. That’s great advice and it certainly applies to building software. I’m all about starting quickly so we can see progress and realign quickly. But first, we need to make sure we know what we are solving and what the right choices are. So it all starts with a conversation about SPA, the libraries, pros and cons, and how to get started. This part is fun and light and really helps break the ice early in the morning.

Bootstrapping and Patterns

Once you start on a path, you need to get off the blank canvas and write some code. We’ll do exactly that, and get you started on the right foot with some popular development patterns.


Hugely important topic that will get some serious love. Multi pages, routing, page life cycle, layout, parameters, Angular services … phew! The importance of a good router can not be overstated.

Data and Repository Pattern

As your app grows, so do your data needs. Don’t let it get out of control. We’ll talk CRUD, what’s a datacontext, how Angular factories/services can help, $resource, $http, jQuery, and breeze to help pick your medicine. We may even show some advanced techniques!

Saving Data and Validation

Data is at the heart of most apps. So how do we combine data with compelling application scenarios? We’ll do exactly that with CSS, Breeze, Angular and Local Storage.

SPA Frameworks

There are many SPA Presentation Frameworks, so we’ll talk a little about the cream of the crop and even show some apps built using them to see some differences. We’ll circle back to Angular as a compare and contrast to show some options, too.

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  • Daniel C Kline

    LOL… At first I thought you were saying that I would be able to write SPAs for my X-Box One with Angular. That really caught my attention!

  • simon

    Hi John,
    It looks exciting. Just wondering when this SPA course is available on

    • Jay Peter

      And please, put authentication! Really… it would be so helpful… other than seeing the same old features done in a different way, authentication seems to be confusing a lot of people in these new client side paradigms… Thanks John

  • Steve Brown

    Hi John,
    I noticed there seems to be a lot of activity and attention around Angular at the moment .We have dived into Durandal as our choice of framework, but I was wondering if you have a particular preference between Angular and Durandal, and reasons/context for choosing one over the other?

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