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Best JavaScript Library Ever


Here is a sneak peek at my next course for Pluralsight. It is all about telekinesis.js, available on github!

This is an April Fools Day joke … leave your sighs at the door. It fully entertained my children :)

  • LastTribunal

    Does this do binding, modeling and reflux capacity as well?

    Had me goin there John, APRIL FOOLS! 😉

  • JavaScripter


    Funny video :-)

    Apologies for reporting irrelavent issue. But I found no where else to report this issue.

    I found a small issue with Surface website.

    – Open
    – Click on Watch Video, a popup will appear launching SL video.
    – Click on share and copy the URL (Ctrl+C).

    You will notice the URL is encoded:

    Please forward it to relavent person to insert the decoded URL: or the short URL

    Thank you.

  • Indy

    hi John,

    LOL. Thanks for such a hilarious treat on April Fools Day!
    I’ll try to remember it when the issue of programmer’s productivity comes up (especially for JavaScript).

  • Angelo Chiello

    Would you please release it as a NuGet package too? I find Github useless! 😉

  • Dave

    lol, Soooo funny April Fools joke. I’ve been watching your vids for the last few months and I just really enjoy learning the new tech. You guys at Pluralsight do a great job.

    tyvm Dave

    Funny April Fools Joke.

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