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Free Online Event on KnockoutJS and MVVM


I published my Knockout / JavaScript / MVVM course with Pluralsight last month and have been getting a lot of positive feedback … thanks! I decided to do a free short presentation from the course and answer some questions online. And what better way to do that than on LIDNUG. So next Monday I’ll be presenting KnockoutJs and MVVM at LIDNUG …  you can register for the event online. Monday, March 19th 2012 from 1:00pm to 2:00pm ET

HTML/ JavaScript Apps with MVVM and KnockoutJS

Do you write a lot of HTML and JavaScript code to push and pull data? In this session John will demonstrate how to bind your data from JavaScript to your target controls in HTML writing less code, and gaining more power. See how to use objects in JavaScript, use declarative binding, integrate templates and control of flow, create custom bindings, and include jQuery UI following good separation patterns using KnockoutJS and MVVM.



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  • Brandon

    Please let us know where to find the recording. I’m interested in what you had to say about our lovely KnockoutJS.

  • Gerard

    I am going through the course now. Its great! You assume everyon has the KnockoutMVVM solution, though which I do not have access to with the subscription I pay for.
    One question. A co-worker mentioned to me that Knockoutjs falls down under large, heavy use, enterprise applications. I have not found evidence of that. Does this argument have any merit?

  • john

    Gerard – Thanks. Glad you enjoy it. Knockout is like any technology … when used properly and when following good scalability, maintainability, and performance tips practices it works well. There are things you can do in KO to help avoid problems. A follow up course I am working on will point some of those out. But in short … i recommend KO for business apps too.

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