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Free Video: SPA Primer with Durandal, Knockout and Breeze


I had the fortune to join a cast of heavy hitters at the free DotNetConf live event. My session was a 50 minute primer on SPA that tells a story about what a SPA can do. Javier Lozano and Scott Hanselman hosted the free event through a Google Hangout, which turned out pretty cool. They have now made the videos freely available. You can see my video below. If you are looking to evaluate if SPA is right for you, I think you’ll enjoy this video. If you want more detail on “how” to build a SPA, you can check out my full length courses at Pluralsight.

Learn more about Durandal and these topics from my beginner level SPA JumpStart course for Pluralsight.

I’ve spent a lot of time lately with JavaScript both with and without libraries, and while I love vanilla.js (just using JavaScript as it is powerful on its own), I prefer to take advantage of well built and stable libraries such as Durandal, Knockout and Breeze.

Go deeper on how to build a SPA from my intermediate level SPA course for Pluralsight.

Learn more about Knockout.js and data binding in JavaScript Knockout course for Pluralsight.

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  • Simon Olsberg

    I enjoyed the presentation, but am wondering if you have the code for your Conference Schedule sample app up in a public repo anywhere. It would be useful to see how all the different parts fit together.

  • Samuel

    Hi John, nice work…
    I am trying to follow four your [because “SPA is a relax place”]
    1- How can i use auth in a SPA?
    2- can i use my views with cshtm, php, aspx, soon…
    3- Are you indenting to join history.js in your SPA?

    • John
      1. You can refer to the ASP.NET SPA template that comes with VS 2012 update 2.
      2. Yes, refer to my course and you will see a cshtml file.
      3. I have no plans for history.js. Durandal may improve their routing plugin, but if you have specific requests, go to Durandal’s github site and add them to their list.
    • Samuel

      Sorry, i should seen the movie first…

  • Danny

    Nice work John! I’m also a fan of Knockout and Breeze. I guess you have your Favorites when you work so much with JAVA…

  • Samuel

    Really really nice video, all the stuff i was asking before and all doubts flying in my head, were solved with your contribution..

    keep rock on…

  • Indy

    hey John,
    Great presentation!
    Thanks a bunch for showing an engaging, informative, and easy-to-follow presentation on how to put together a SPA / Rich-Web-App with these powerful (and not so simple) JavaScript libraries.
    I’ll definitely use your Hot Towel template as the first stop in my exploration of SPA.


  • Gary

    Hello John,
    In your DotNetConf presentation, you mentioned that Gmail is (or could be) a collection of SPAs. I believe you also made mention that if it were an ASP.NET MVC-based collection of SPAs, you could have different controllers serve up the different SPAs (or something like that).

    Could you expound upon that idea and how would you implement it (using MVC, Web API, and the js libraries/frameworks from your SPA jump start)?

    I’m trying to envision and develop a web app that is a collection of SPAs. There would be a shell/container for all the different SPAs. I think I’m wanting to use MVC areas to separate out all the different functional areas of the whole app, including an Admin SPA. At this point, I’m not seeing the forest through the trees in how to make Durandal (and the js libraries/frameworks) work with MVC areas (and the normal MVC stuff) to produce an app that is a collection of SPAs.


  • Dave Sargent

    I’m loving hot towel so far. I’m wondering what you think about js-signals?
    I haven’t used it yet but one of our developers swears by it. I wonder if it would be a good add / fit for hot towel / SPA.
    The dev I mentioned is putting together a demo for our team but wanted to get your input on it first.

    • John

      Dave – I have no experience with js-signals.

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