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Fundamentals of Windows 8 XAML/C# Metro Style Apps



This is a Windows 8 XAML/C# Fundamentals presentation I gave at the Spring 2012 DevConnections conference in Las Vegas. It covers some of the key topics you need to know to get started building Windows 8 XAML Metro apps including styling, animations, invoking the Windows Runtime (WinRT), the intrinsic controls, and more that will help prepare you to develop Windows 8 Metro style apps.

You can view my other sessions from DevConnections and Orlando Code Camp here:

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Sample code shown in the presentation can be found here. A large number of samples are available in the Windows 8 SDK which can be found here.

If you like this you can check out the Windows 8 Fundamentals course Dan Wahlin and I co-authored for Pluralsight.

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  • Todd Wood

    Nice presentation John. Look forward to checking out the sample code when I get on my computer.

  • Akrita Agarwal

    great presentation john! also could you write a blog post on the design principles of windows 8 metro app ?

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