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HotTowel 1.1 with Durandal 2 Now Available


In the past 7 months since I introduced HotTowel as a way to jump-start SPA development, Visual Studio has evolved as have some of the key JavaScript libraries. Today you can now download an updated HotTowel Visual Studio template. I created 2 different templates base don how Visual Studio has evolved: one for Visual Studio 2012 and one for Visual Studio 2013 preview. You can grab them here (and please rate them on the Visual Studio Gallery):

If you like these templates, join me in thanking Xinyang Qiu of Microsoft who helped me get through some of the more confusing parts of creating the templates. :)

Hot Towel creates a great starting point for building a Single Page Application (SPA) with ASP.NET. Out of the box you it provides a modular structure for your code, view navigation, data binding, rich data management and simple but elegant styling. It provides everything you need to build a SPA, so you can focus on your app, not the plumbing.

Learn more about building a SPA from my videos, tutorials and Pluralsight courses.


Why the changes? First, Visual Studio evolved with 2013 so I wanted to make sure the templates still worked. There were some changes under the covers that you won;t care about that just make it work in 2013 :)

Second, the the Visual Studio Gallery now works with the MVC and SPA project templates. So I wanted to get it up on the gallery (see the links above).

Third, and most importantly to you, Durandal and Breeze have evolved. Durandal is now at version 2.0 and has breaking changes from its 1.x predecessor. The changes are all good, but they are still changes. So the new template includes the changes and comments explaining what the Durandal code does. Breeze, Toastr, and the other libraries evolved as well, so I updated those and tested them too. For those wanting Bootstrap v3, you’ll have to wait a little longer … I’ll get to that, but for now I included Bootstrap 2.3.2. But it is coming to HotTowel.

Fourth, I updated HotTowel for NuGet (if you don’t want a template, just grab the NuGet package)

And finally, I am working on a similar template for Angular (maybe HotTowel NG ?). Look for this in the coming weeks as I get closer to releasing my next Pluralsight course.

As always, you can find all you need to know about HotTowel on my HotTowel landing page.


Eventually we should be seeing a more unified “One ASP.NET” approach when creating a project. Scott Hanselman has been a big driver behind this effort. i expect that is one reason why currently in the VS 2013 Preview the ASP.NET templates are now under a Visual Studio 2012 folder in the New Project dialog. I am not sure if this will move in the future, but that is my gut feel. For now, if you are running VS 2013 Preview and you cannot find the HotTowel SPA template, refer to my image below to locate it.
2013 2012 mvc

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  • Scott Reed

    Nice work John, updated and will have a play. Always loving your work and the Pluralsight too, exceptional work man. :-)

  • cipo

    I’ve just install templete for vs2013 but can’t find it!? How can I create project based on it?

    • John

      Cipo – I updated my post to show how to get there in Visual Studio 2013. They put the templates in a sub folder called Visual Studio 2012.

  • Leo

    John, thanks for your work. Hottowel gave me a huge head start in this javascript world. Thanks to it in just a couple weeks I’m developing things that I did not even imagine where possible to do in a browser. HotTowel + your pluralsight video “Single Page Apps JumpStart” improved my developer skills a lot, after some solid 10 years of desktop development. Again, thank you.

  • fedlerner

    Information for those who have HotTowel 1.0 installed in VS2012:
    HotTowel 1.0 template is installed under the name: “Hot Towel Spa”.
    HotTowel 1.1 template in installed under the name: “Hot Towel Spa (VS 2012)”.

    You’ll have to remove “Hot Towel Spa” template from VS2012, or you’ll have both versions installed and when you create a HotTowel Project you’ll get the 1.0 template.

  • Robert

    Hi John

    Should the new package in nuget work with Studio 2010? I did a quick install via the pm and could not find the App folder.

    -Thanks Robert

    • John

      Robert – Thanks for alerting me. It should work, but I just verified that it does not install all of the files. Controllers, Apps and possibly others are missing. I have reached out to MFST to see what’s up and I will report back. I did re-verify it works in VS2012 and VS2013 though.

  • Sam Matthews

    Hi John,
    As others have said… great job. I have learned A LOT about all these frameworks by using your ‘super’ framework. That being said.. my head is still spinning. Any plans on upgrading the HotTowelette template? That’s the one I’ve been using. I tried to figure it out myself but .. it ain’t happening. If not no problem. I’ll use the new HotTowel.

    • John

      Sam and Bas – Thanks! I’ve got HotTowelette on my radar. Just need time, sorry. Been working hard on getting the Angular course ready.

  • Bas Bosman

    Will the HotTowelette NuGet package also be updated?

  • Scott

    If possible, can you restrict the NuGet dependency to be Twitter.Bootstrap (≥ 2.3.2 && < 3.0)? Bootstrap 3.0 breaks the Hot Towel styling.

    • John

      Good idea. Enter a githib issue on the hottowel site for this please.

  • Luke Olsen

    Sounds awesome. I was getting started on the first version of HotTowel and now it’s been updated which is really cool. Any ideas on when Bootstrap 3 will be in play?

    • John

      Luke – No plans right now. Bootstrap 3 is a big breaking change for this. I dont have time to do it, but would love if a community member did it, tested it, and made a pull request :)

      • Luke Olsen

        And I would totally be up for that if I wasn’t so behind the times on this. :) I’m still deciding on which pool to dive into… angular js (with your upcoming SPA course) or durandal (what I’ve been playing around with now through HotTowel).

  • Rory

    I’ve used your pluralsight course and documentation to get to grips with SPA’s using the Hot Towel template. Coming from the Web Forms world its been a refreshing and challenging transition to client side development. I recently upgraded my app to Durandal 2.0 and there were some hair pulling moments but I got there in the end I only wish I had seen this a couple of weeks ago. Thanks

  • Rodrigo

    I have a question,
    How I seto level access to the pages, if the routes are done via javascript? and no acess controller to return view ?

  • Dave Rogers

    Thanks for updating the template for Durandal 2. Much appreciated!

  • jason335777 .

    Hi John, I saw you updated the Angular HotTowel with EF6 and I assume the new Breeze. Any updates coming for the Durandal Hot Towel? Thanks!

    • johnpapa7

      Jason – I hope to get to that after the holidays. If someone wants to do it in advance, it is on github.

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