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HotTowel.Angular and ASP.NET Web API 2 Compat


If you watched my course Build Apps with Angular and Breeze the first week it was out and followed along by installing HotTowel, you may have hit an incompatibility with the recently released ASP.NET Web API 2 and Entity Framework 6. Good news! The exercise files, github repo code samples, and the NuGet packages for HotTowel.Angular and HotTowel.Angular.Breeze have all been updated to work with Breeze 1.4.5, Web API 2, and Entity Framework 6. So as you go through the course you can use the latest and greatest now. This course came out right when these new technologies went live, but it is all compatible now, so please enjoy the course and thanks for watching!

2 new videos clips for HotTowel installation have been provided to Pluralsight and are being uploaded. The new video shows all you need is:

// install Sql Server Compact, for the database support
install-Package EntityFramework.SqlServerCompact

// Install HotTowel (angular, breeze, web api, etc)
Install-Package HotTowel.Angular.Breeze

You no longer need the pre as Angular 1.2.1 is now fully released.

Hope this helps!

Note: If you have older versions of EF, ASP.NET Web API 1, or EF <= 5 then you may want to remove those first. There are compat issues when mixing those with the newer ones. If you simply try putting HotTowel on top of those, it likely won;t work. So clean it out first.

  • Chintana Asanka Meegamarachchi

    Hi John, I watched your course on Pluralsight, liked it very much and looking forward for second episode. Are you planning to update the existing packages to Bootstrap 3 any time soon?.. Million thanks for the grate material

    • Chintana Asanka Meegamarachchi

      I have found an earlier answer you have posted about HT for Bootstrap 3. So please disregards the question – thank you

      • Milen

        Hi Chintana,

        I am also curious as to when Bootstrap 3 would be integrated with Hot Towel, but I could not find the earlier answer to that question. Could you please refer me to the answer?


        • Chintana Asanka Meegamarachchi

          Hi Milen,
          please refer the comments section on blog post “Create an Angular App in Seconds with Hot Towel” and search for text “When will it support BootStrap 3.0?”
          Hope this helps

  • Rusty

    John, when is your second course coming out?

  • Big Red

    Hi John – thanks for the great course – really enjoyed it. I was wondering if you would consider showing an example of using ui-router and it’s stateProvider with nested views instead of the default angular routeProvider with the angular/breeze example – perhaps in part 2 of this course or a separate blog post?

  • Codingbrains

    Great work Jhon, keep researching and so we can get good tutorials .

  • Ronnel Santiago

    Hi John, do u have any plans on having the hottowel.angular nuget package for mvc? i asked because i like mvc’s ability to do bundling and minification etc.. hoping for a reply from u.

  • alon

    Hi John, Great work! Thanks

    I may have some problem with the toggleSpinner:
    When I first enter to a view – I do see the spinner – but on the second time – it is not visible.

    Is it something with the $templateCache – any idea or workaround?


  • Sun Qiang

    Could you please also upgrade the HotTowel (knockout) to the latest version since I cannot use the current one with webapi2?

  • ahsan

    how can i expand inner collections using breeze ?

  • Calabonga

    Hi John. I have a error:
    Update-Package : Updating ‘Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi 5.1.2′ to ‘Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi 4.0.20505.0′ failed. Unable to find a version of ‘HotTowel’ that is compatible with ‘Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi 4.0.20505.0′.

    Where I can download HotTowel for WebApi2 ?

  • Jim

    Is there an install-Package for the Modular(Avengers) example?

  • Lior

    Is there a difference between “Install-Package HotTowel.Angular.Breeze” and “Install-Package HotTowel.Angular” ?

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