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Opening Code Camper in Visual Studio 2010


Wondering how to open the  Code Camper SPA from my Pluralsight course Single Page Apps with HTML5, Web API, Knockout and jQuery in Visual Studio 2010? Adam Storr went through this process and documented it in his blog recently. You can read his post where he explains his experiences for Opening Pluralsight Single Page Application course code in VS2010. Thanks Adam!

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  • javier

    Is there any chance you can share the code for SPA blog post?

  • Nic Pegg

    Following on from Adam’s very useful blog…. If it helps anyone, it is possible to use the CodeCamper.sdf file.

    In the CodeCamper.Data.CodeCamperDbContent file add the following before the class name:

    public class CodeCamperDbContext : DbContext

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