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New Breeze Angular Service


The world of JavaScript changes at a fast pace and in the time since my Angular and Breeze Part 1 and Angular and Breeze Part 2 Pluralsight courses have been released, both libraries have had some revisions. One such revision is worth making some changes in your code. The good news is that the folks at Angular and Breeze made it easier on us all. This post explains the changes and how you can refactor your code quickly to work with the latest Angular and Breeze libraries. Short Version With HotTowel.Angular.Breeze 2.1.0 (and prior), we used to need these 3 […]

Immerse Yourself in Angular, MEAN, ASP.NET, and Gulp

Let’s go to ludicrous speed! The Web is evolving at such an amazing pace that it’s difficult to keep up with everything that is around us. When you have precious little time, how do you know what to focus on? One great way is to come to AngleBrackets! Next month (April 13-16) I will be joined by my friends Dan Wahlin and Ward Bell to present some awesome sessions at AngleBrackets in Orlando. Dan and I will be presenting a full day workshop on Angular, then I’ll also be presenting or co-presenting these sessions: AngularJS in 60 Minutes-ish Big Gulp! […]

Angular App Structuring Guidelines


App Structure I find it extremely helpful to have an idea of what is important to me and my team in structuring my app instead of focusing on the actual structure. You have to find your own path that is comfortable for you and your team. Instead of just picking a structure, it’s helpful to think about the “why”, so I’ll walk you through the guidelines I follow and my thought process on why I choose how I do. This is a follow up to my post on Angular Structure. How you organize your structure is up to you. There […]

Angular and Progressive Saving


Last week I had the privilege of presenting at ngConf which was jam packed with some awesome presentations. My presentation was on Progressive Saving with Angular, where you can stash work in progress in local storage and come back to it. It was an abbreviated version of what I present in my Pluralsight course Building Apps with Angular and Breeze Part 1 and Part 2, where I explore this concept in detail. You can watch my presentation here. Here are the slides from my presentation. And you can run the live demo of the app from this link. The conference […]

It’s High Time to Learn Git


It’s time. Admit it. You’ve put it off too long and now that Git is tied at the hip to Visual Studio 2013 and there is some great training on it by my friend Esteban Garcia, it’s time to learn it. I use git for all of my code. You can find Esteban’s new course Git for Visual Studio 2013 at Pluralsight. Git has gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years and I’m seeing more and more developers adopting it. If you use Visual Studio as your primary IDE, there is a bit of a learning […]

Watch Angular’s ngConf Live Streamed

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The “best of the best in Angular” will gather later this week in Salt Lake City, Utah for ngConf, according to their web site. I’m honored to be included as one of the speakers at this all Angular event, along with my good friends Dan Wahlin and Ward Bell. The event is Thursday and Friday, both of which I hear will be live streamed! This is pretty exciting as the speaker lineup contains some of the most well-known Angular leaders including many from Google Angular team. To watch the live stream on Jan 16 and 17 I am told you […]

Supporting Durandal


In case you haven’t heard, Durandal is currently running a Kickstarter to help fund their project in the 2014 year. Durandal is an open source JavaScript library for creating apps with elegant, clean code. Their Kickstarter promises new releases, new and improved tooling, video training courses and a NextGen tech preview. By backing the project, you not only help them to achieve their goals, but you can walk away with some nice goodies. For example, if you back at $15 you get the first video training course along with source code. That’s a great followup to my Pluralsight course on […]

Building Large Scale Apps with Angular and Breeze


Angular. Breeze. JavaScript and HTML5. These buzzwords have been getting a lot of air play over the past year. There are plenty of examples to introduce you to these technologies but how do you apply these to larger apps at your workplace? This is where I find an end to end tutorial and demonstration can really help. One place you can look for a practical implementation is Pluralsight, where they recently published both Part 1 an Part 2 of my Building Apps with Angular and Breeze courses. These courses intend to serve as a guide to take you from zero […]

Do You Like Your Angular Controllers with or without Sugar?


Even if you’ve only read about Angular, the odds are you’ve seen the rampant use of $scope in the C of MVC (controllers). $scope is the glue between the Controller and the View that helps with all of our data binding needs. Recently the Angular team opened up a new way to use $scope with Controllers. So now you can use $scope (what I’ll refer to as Classic Controllers) and you can use this (what the Angular team and I refer to as Controller As). I hear a lot of questions about these 2 techniques. Everyone loves choice, but at […]

SPA and the Single Page Myth


SPA is one of the most exciting technology strategies today, but it may be one of the worst terms in modern web development. Just the word “Page” can have many meanings. SPA Misconceptions Chances are you have heard the term SPA tossed around at the office. SPA’s are on the rise but there are a lot of misconceptions about what SPA means. SPA stands for Single Page Applications … but are they truly a Single Page App? I’ve found that one of the biggest hurdles for folks understanding SPA is the term itself. The name can often imply that you […]