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Web Dev with Editors and IDEs


There are editors and IDE’s (Integrated Development Environments). I’ve often been asked which tools I prefer, so I decided to share how I view them. Your mileage may vary on your tool selection, of course. Influencing factors for me: speed of the tool speed of typing features extensibility Windows and OSX the “feel” and aesthetics Differences Editors offer super fast editing with many extension points for writing code. But first and foremost they are built for speed and they are usually highly tailored for keyboard use (not for mouse). Sublime, brackets, vim, and atom are editors. IDE’s also come with […]

My Recommended Brackets Extensions


You can learn a lot by trying new things. Over the past 18 months I have been switching IDEs and editors every few months going between Atom, Visual Studio, Brackets, WebStorm, and Sublime … and then back again. This has given me an appreciation of the various tools, all of which have their pros. For most of that time I have been living in OSX and lately I’m loving Brackets. Brackets is lightweight, browser-based, and has a great extension model. I feel very productive in it and can run fast and hard when I get a coding itch I need […]

Angular and Gulp


Streamlining Angular code is sublime. We can streamline the process of optimizing Angular apps for dependency injections, template caching, and common JavaScript optimizations such as minification, all in preparation for production using build automation tools like Gulp.js. Gulp is based on streams follows the mantra of “code over configuration’. My new course JavaScript Build Automation with Gulp.js was just released on Pluralsight. You can learn how to make your JavaScript do tricks and develop more efficiently, using Gulp in this course. In this course I take you from learning what Gulp does, how to install it on both Windows and […]

Sharing Data in an Angular Controller or an Angular Service


I received a great question about model data recently. A question I hear a lot that is about an extremely common situation that most Angular developers will face. The reason I think it comes up is that there are many examples showing different ways to code the situation, none of which are wrong, and none of which are absolutely right. I found myself typing up the answer and realized that this is a great opportunity to share the thought process on how I think about these situations. You may agree with my conclusion, or you may disagree, and that’s cool. […]

Using Gulp in a JavaScript Build Pipeline


When I can remove the friction between myself and the keyboard, it’s a beautiful thing! I have more time to write code and not worry about repetitive processes. This is a key reason I love having a solid build pipeline and automated tasks in JavaScript. And my tool of choice is Gulp.js. Last year I published my Pluralsight course Angular Patterns: Clean Code and my Angular Style Guide, which go together. I had a lot of folks asking for more information on using Gulp, since these materials both gave a quick glimpse of it. So I decided to release a […]

Orlando Code Camp Call for Speakers


The Call for Speakers is now open for the 10th Annual Orlando Code Camp on Saturday, March 28th. Last year we had over 625 attendees, with over 50 speakers and 72 sessions. This event keeps getting bigger and better every year and what better way to spend your Saturday in late March than in the awesome Florida weather! This is an awesome event and we always draw a great group of speakers and attendees. Thanks to our amazing sponsors, volunteers, and speakers, the event is 100% free and includes a great Speaker party, breakfast, lunch, after-party, and some very good […]

How to use npm global without sudo on OSX


When running npm and node, you may find yourself getting permission errors that ultimately lead you to using sudo in your commands. While this helps get around the issue in the short-term, it also places stricter permissions on those installs and it becomes a slippery slope where soon you may need sudo for more than you bargained for. Also, do you really want to be using sudo to install npm packages? I went down this path and some experienced Mac developers helped me see why I needed to relieve myself of sudo for npm. Since then I’ve read several great […]

Route Resolve and Controller Activate in AngularJS


Angular route resolvers and controller activation. Two great options for running logic on entrance of a new View or route. I get a lot of questions about which technique to use. I’m using AngularJS and I see 2 common patterns to retrieve data and run logic when transitioning to a new View. What’s the difference between running code when a controller starts and running code in a route resolver? The key is that both are valid options. And in some cases either is fine, while in others you want to pick one over the other. They path to choosing begins […]

Tips for Running Node and NPM on Windows


I recently helped a few folks get node and npm up and running on Windows. Here are some of the steps we were able to follow to make this all work. Requirements The systems already had the latest version of Visual Studio 2015 Preview or the free Visual Studio Community edition. I highly encourage starting there. Also, make sure git is install. Latest version of Visual Studio git Chocolatey Running Node and NPM on Windows First get node via chocolatey. You may have to update your paths. Sometimes paths were updated for us, sometimes they were not. Your mileage may […]

Structuring Angular with Dan Wahlin

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The Adventures in Angular team gathered to discuss Structuring code in an Angular app on this week’s episode of Adventures in Angular. Join us and special guest Dan Wahlin for this episode as we dive into solid patterns and strategies for working with Angular. You can also read the transcripts on our site. Adventures in Angular Adventures in Angular web page follow the show twitter listen to us on iTunes Every Thursday morning you can join me and our All-Star panel of co-hosts Joe Eames, Aaron Frost, Charles Max Wood, Lukas Ruebbelke, Brian Ford, Misko Hevery for the latest episode […]

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