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Silverlight 4 Beta Announced at PDC09: Great Learning Material Too!



Silverlight 4 Beta was announced during the Wednesday keynote of the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference PDC 2009. The Silverlight product team has worked very hard to add several features, as you can see from the list below. There is a ton of information available where you can find out more about Silverlight 4 Beta including:

Silverlight 4 Beta enhances the building of business applications, media applications, and applications that reach beyond the browser. Here is a quick list of all of the new features. For more details, please visit the Silverlight 4 Beta Whitepaper which contains a lot more detail for each feature.

  • Enabling Business Application Development
    • Printing
    • Rich Text Area Control
    • Rich Text Area with FlowDirection of RightToLeft
    • Text Input
    • WCF RIA Services
    • Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)
    • Viewbox Control
    • Auto-Sizing Columns and Copy from DataGrid
    • Navigation Page Loading Extensibility
    • Command Property on ButtonBase and Hyperlink
    • SelectedValue and SelectedValuePath on the Selector
    • Support for Referer Header
    • UDP Multicast Client Support
    • Single Source Multicast (one-to-many)
    • Authentication Support with ClientHttpWebRequest
    • IDataErrorInfo
    • INotifyDataErrorInfo
    • Grouping on CollectionViewSource
    • Editable CollectionView IEditableCollectionView
    • Binding to String Indexers
    • StringFormat, TargetNullValue, FallbackValue
    • Databinding Support for Dependency Objects
    • ObservableCollection<T> Constructor Accepts IList and IEnumerable
  • Empowering Richer Experiences
    • Fluid UI States for ItemsControl
    • Word Based Text Trimming (trailing ellipses)
    • Implicit Styles
    • MouseWheel Support
    • Right Mouse Click
    • Programmatic Clipboard Access
    • Silverlight as a Drop Target
    • Webcam and Microphone Support
    • CompositeTransform
    • Support for all PNG Formats
    • Offline Digital Rights Management
    • MP4 Playback Protected DRM
    • WMS Multicast
    • Output Protection
  • Moving Beyond the Browser – Sandboxed Applications
    • Out-of-Browser Windowing Updates
    • WebBrowser Control
    • HtmlBrush
    • Notifications (Toast)
  • Moving Beyond the Browser – Trusted Applications
    • Native Integration
    • File System Access
    • Cross-Domain Networking Access
    • Full File Path on Open and Save Dialogs
    • Full Keyboard in Full Screen Mode

Just to give you a teaser, here is a glimpse of the new RichTextArea control that you may have seen during Scott Guthrie’s keynote!


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  • Anonymous

    Thanks a lot for the intro post & yours and Adam Kinney’s PDC09 session. Quite exhaustive and interesting interactions.
    Thanks for making my day !!!

  • Anonymous

    A tegnapi nap folyamán Scott Guthrie bejelentette a Silverlight 4.0 Beta1-et. Ohhh yeah…. örül a világ

  • Anonymous

    Silverlight 4 Overview Postings Every time there’s a beta or a release I try a different way to get all

  • Anonymous

    Hi John
    I was wondering if the demos from Scott Guthrie’s keynote were available for download (including the RichTextArea demo pictured above)? Would be great to use in some demos I’m doing, but then again I can always create them myself :).
    Chris Anderson

  • JohnPapa

    Chris … good question. I believe we can make those available. Let me get back to you on that … if we can, I’ll blog a link.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks John. Hopefully they can (save me some time :). It would be really handy to have the example of the RichTextArea with the toolbar to select font/formatting/etc as there’s a bit of work (not a huge amount, but not drop on the page type simple) to create that demo.

  • Anonymous

    I also thought the drag a Word document from the desktop into the app and load it demo Scott did was very impressive too. Would be nice to have that also :).

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