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Single Page Apps – Live at the LinkedIn .NET User Group


Interested in learning more about Single Page Apps? Want to watch right from your desk? Then please register for the live webcast this Thursday where I’ll be presenting how to build a SPA. I’ll focus on the core principles of a SPA and how to get started with File | New using the new SPA template preview in Visual Studio 2012, how to move beyond that, and where you can ultimately take a SPA. Bring your questions with you and I’ll answer some along the way and a whole bunch at the end.

  • Event: Single Page Apps Jump-Start
  • Hosted by: Linked In .NET User Group
  • When: Thursday Novemeber 15th, 2012 at 1:00pm EST to 2:30 pm EST
  • Where: Register here for the LIDNUG event

Event Details

Single Page Applications (SPAs) focus on delivering better user experiences with significant client-side interactions using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. But how do you get started? This session explores the core pieces that help you build end-to-end SPA solutions including code structure and modularity, using data binding and MVVM, abstracted remote data calls, page navigation and routing, rich data features, and responsive design for mobility. Along the way I’ll be touching on the ASP.NET SPA template preview, Knockout, Sammy, and Breeze.

The Linked In .NET User Group (LIDNUG) has a great community, but then again LIDNUG  isn’t your traditional user group. The organizers have done a fantastic job at pulling it together and bringing in great presentations from a variety of speakers, and their audiences usually get quite large for a user group. If you haven’t checked them out you should go look at their upcoming events schedule as there always seems to be something interesting for all types of developers.

After the session, if you want to get more details on how to go  further with a SPA, you can refer to my SPA blog post series or watch my video course on building Single Page Apps.


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  • Brian H. Madsen

    Hey John,

    Thanks for the kind words on LIDNUG – we try to keep the crowd excited and get the top quality speakers, such as yourself, on board. Being that we hold all of our events online, we can reach people who don’t normally get the opportunity to attend user group events, and so far we seem to get the message out.

    Looking forward to yet another brilliant event from you!


  • Corey Gaudin

    Any chance this presentation will be recorded and put on the list of archives at lidnug or on here? I could not get audio to work during the presentation and did not really get to watch it without hearing you talk. Was interested in seeing the changes using the SPA Template that shipped and breezejs.

    • John

      Hi Corey,

      Yes, they will be posting a link to the video. I’ll share it once they send it to me.

  • Krudo Meir

    Hi John, as always it was great to hear your talk!!

    If I’m using mvc 4 (as the server side of my spa app) –
    wouldn’t it be better to send the initial data on the first response from the server
    then to get it through bootstrap ajax call ?



  • Bernardo Pacheco

    Unfortunately I missed the webcast. Please John, share the link as soon as possible. I can not wait to watch another great show! :-)

  • Krudo Meir

    on air :)

  • Walt Daniels

    Hey John, any updates on posting a replay of this, or the source? Some of my co-workers missed it last week and are highly interested (since it was filled with such awesomeness).


    • John

      Hi Walt,

      The LIDNUG group had some problems encoding it and are now re-encoding the video at a higher quality. Once they ping me I will post a link to the video and the source.

  • Corey Gaudin

    Is there a link to the Breeze (non-101) Version you showed in the Screencast? I an interested to see the changes from the Pluralsight Video.

    • John

      Here is a link to some early versions of the code … use at your own risk :) It is not exactly waht I showed as I am working on some refinements. Once I get those worked out I will upload them and replace the code and post to my blog. But this should be a good start.

      Caution … this works with a specific version of breeze, so don;t update the nuget package. … Yet :)

  • Khuzema

    I am using your codecamper code (Plural sight) as a base template for my project, everything is fine, though I got on bit of issue, to eager load a related entity. With so much of abstraction I am bit of lost. What I am looking for example is, when I load speaker then the related session are also loaded.

    Any guidance on that path or I miss the trick and its easy to do.

  • Dmitry

    Hello John. I am subscribing to the Pluralsight and have been watching your SPA with HTML2 and Web API video. I am a newbie so I have to watch some segments many times in order to get it. And I am simple in awe at your knowledge and presentation skills. But I have a couple of simple questions (that what take you less than a min to answer) on the section of Responsive design with CSS. Is there a place I could ask you the question? (you have my email so feel free to use it if you would like). Thank you in advance for your reply.

    • John

      Hi Dmitry,

      Thanks for the feedabck and I am glad the course has been valuable for you. You can feel free to leave questions in the comments, as I am sure others will benefit from them too. Or you can email me on the contact form … but I prefer the comments if it is somethign others can learn from.

  • Dmitry

    Hi John,
    Thank you for your reply. I will post the question a bit later. I want think carefully how to formulate it better to make myself clear to you and others.

  • Dmitry

    Hi John,
    I want to build just the UI of my 1st application (without data!) and make it work in responsive desing just as you show it in your tutorial. Such that when you resize the window on which the page is rendered the controls change size and/or position. Think of it as creating a prototype, if you will. So my goal is to learn creating HTML (e.g. in your tutorial pages like favorites,cshtm, speakers.cshtml, and so on) and using CSS3 to change positions and sizes of the HTML. Do you have another tutorial on PluralSight that deal with just that: creating HTML5 content and using CSS3 to make it responsive? Thank you in advance.

    P.S. Note that my page will have no pictures but many labels, textboxes, pull-down controls, and buttons

    • John

      Hi Dmitry,

      I do not have a course on responsive design, but Pluralsight does have that as a suggested course. If you want to see them create one you should vote it up using this link.

      For starters you could look up the CSS topic in Plrualsight and focus on the media queries section. Also, using libraries like Twitter Bootstrap can get you out of the starting gate quickly.

  • Dmitry

    Thank you, John. One last question, I promise. Do you share the sourse for pages speakers.cshtml, and other .cshtml in Views folder of your tutorial SPA?

  • Steve Hueners

    Was this recorded and available anywhere? thx

    • John

      Yes, the video is up at this link. However LIDNUG tells me that they are going to reencode it at a higher quality.

      • Dmitry

        Thank you very much, John.

  • Mythili

    Hi john,
    Im learning spa since few days.. I ve seen your courses at plural sight.. but still i am bit confused on how to build a simple app, i have created my pages as partial views an linked to a main page.. i am using knockout, im not clear with navigation part and history.. can you pls help me out of it..

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