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Silverlight TV 81: Four Great Windows Phone UX Tips


Dave Crawford and Tom Eddings visit from the UK to contribute to the Design Tips miniseries. Dave and Tom have tremendous amounts of experience helping to create great UX for Windows Phone 7 applications in the marketplace. 


Topics they cover include tips on:

  • how, when, and where to use (and not use) a Panorama control
  • avoiding specific types of buttons and associations
  • best practices for the Web Browser control, RichText, and the IE Web Browser itself
  • how to make your brand shine through

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  • Erno

    Nice resources and good conversation! (Funny how you seem to miss the correct camera 😉 a couple of time, directors fault of course )
    Could you give a hint on how to use content from RSS feeds in an app? Many times they contain HTML, using the webbrowser control might be an easy overkill and bad user experience but parsing Html to Silverlight is horrible. Or should we just not use HTML in a feed?

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