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Supporting Durandal


In case you haven’t heard, Durandal is currently running a Kickstarter to help fund their project in the 2014 year. Durandal is an open source JavaScript library for creating apps with elegant, clean code. Their Kickstarter promises new releases, new and improved tooling, video training courses and a NextGen tech preview.

By backing the project, you not only help them to achieve their goals, but you can walk away with some nice goodies. For example, if you back at $15 you get the first video training course along with source code. That’s a great followup to my Pluralsight course on Durandal. If you want to pledge more you can get the 2nd and 3rd training courses, early access to the sample app source, early access to tooling and next gen code, t-shirts, virtual conference training, marketing opportunities and more. There’s great rewards for individuals, companies and community organizers…plus it helps the project to build a strong foundation for long-term business growth.

The training is an obvious perk of this campaign, especially since it’s being produced by the creator of Durandal.

NextGen Preview

If the Kickstarter is funded, a parallel implementation of Durandal will be produced. Stop what you are doing and watch the "hello world" video now. Wow. It’s based on emerging web standards, is one of the simplest SPA dev experiences I’ve seen.

It’s an exciting time to be a developer and Durandal is offering some amazing opportunities. Are you willing to help out? There’s only a few days left.

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  • biiiipy

    Not to offend anyone, I somehow don’t see a big future for Durandal. We need competing solid SPA frameworks (Durandal included), but when kickstarter is involved, maybe it’s time to reconsider and move on to already hugely popular frameworks like Ember.js and AngularJS.

    • Fan

      Can you give more details on SPA vs Ember.js and AngularJS

    • Max “WorldMaker” Battcher

      Well, Durandal (the project) doesn’t *need* the Kickstarter. It is open source and the 2.x line is stable and well-built.

      The Kickstarter seems more about BlueSpire Consulting than about Durandal itself. It seems intended to give the Consulting firm, which is the upstream “owner” of the project, some breathing room from “paying projects” to build more training tools and to iterate on the blue sky “Durandal NextGen” project. The NextGen project uses things that aren’t yet finalized web standards and currently only bleeding edge Chrome can do, so it is years away from being a viable production branch for a lot of people, and I don’t yet see spending time on it as “crucial” to the immediate future of Durandal. In fact, “Durandal NextGen” isn’t really Durandal, except in name.

    • Rufus McCockmaster

      I agree with biiiipy. Let Durandal wither and fade. It’s all about Angularjs. Durandal is a headache-creator for devs.

    • gunteman

      I agree. I’m all for an Angular alternative, and Durandal has shown some promise, but pleading for funds like this, at this stage, may very well hurt the project more than it helps. It’s hard to compete with Google (Angular) et. al., but if the project can’t gain traction through its own community and its own merits, I’m not sure it’s worth the effort. If anything, this Kickstarter campaign amplifies the impression of a one man/one company project, and dropping words that sound like “it’s crucial that I get these funds” really smells.

      Sure, there’s no such thing as a free lunch etc., but IMO this was NOT the time to do this.

    • tyrsius

      I don’t understand this comment. Seeking funding is a cue to leave? Rob as explicitly stated that development will continue without the kickstarter, it will just be slower. If you have a preference for Angular either way, that’s fine, but to say that this guy shouldn’t look to make a living off his work is a little harsh.

      I love Durandal. I’ve used Angular, but I don’t really like it. I am definitely not going to stop using a product just because the developer doesn’t want to work for free.

    • Shaun Rowan

      I strongly disagree. This isn’t Rob’s first rodeo – Caliburn Micro is a similar project which has had prolonged success. While I do think the kickstarter was packaged strangly and perhaps ill-advised, I believe Durandal is a fantastic framework with a bright future. Nobody understands developer workflow better than Rob – Durandal has brought us huge productivity gains and is as joy to use.

      • biiiipy

        My comment was more to those, who are thinking about adopting Durandal in their projects and imo this kickstarter campaign is a big warning sign. The framework is (probably) fine, it’s just that the future isn’t as bright as, for example, AngularJS. That doesn’t mean anything, it’s just something to consider.
        And you can’t even begin to compare .NET MV* framework’s success to a HTML5 framwork’s – there is a fundamental difference in scope, tech and ecosystem. And even then Durandal’s success is obviously lacking.

  • Greg

    Currently re-writing our app using angular – 2.1 is long overdue and we’re now hearing it will be released in the next 2 months…ba bye

  • yoyaaaaaaa

    I’m facing a problem in loading Dropzone control in Hot Towel Template I used dropzone-amd-module and included it as a dependency

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