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Unique Pluralsight Video – Call Me Maybe



Pluralsight and my fellow authors are like a family. So much like a family, in fact, that we decided to take making fun to the next level. The good folks at Pluralsight bribed invited me and the rest of the authors to embarrass myself by lip synching a spoof video for the viral hit Call Me Maybe, by Carly Rae Jepsen.  Yes, you heard that right.

It involved a lot of Tequila courage but we did it. Special thanks to Megan and the crew at Pluralsight for the idea, the fun, and carrying it through in less than a week!

I’m not sure words can describe the awkwardness drunken foolishness fun that we had making this video, so I’ll just let you watch and decide for yourselves here.


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  • Jen

    Hahaha! That looked like a whole lotta fun! Thanks for sharing! :)

  • teoman

    this is hilarious :)

  • http://Nwvdnug.org MikeScott8

    Was video pulled?

  • Meir Krudo

    you are one crazy family 😉
    keep having fun!!!

  • Moumen

    looool it’s awe…wait for it…sight :p

  • http://blog.agafonov.net.ua Slava

    Very cool video. I like this training web site a lot. It is recommended on all software developer training in Microsoft too. You guys having real fun!

  • http://ke4ktz.org Glenn

    That was geekishly funny!!

  • serge

    hahah thanks for the laugh!

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