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Building Windows 8 Apps – Now with More Candy!


Dan Wahlin and I have updated our Introduction to Windows 8 Applications course with Pluralsight. The updates include 2 entirely new modules on building both HTML/JS apps and XAML apps with Visual Studio 2012.

You can check out the course material on the site, and the quick list of topics is below. My favorite new clip is some candy on an introduction to using MVVM with Windows 8 XAML apps in the last module.

Dan and I hope you enjoy it!

Introduction to Building Windows 8 Applications

Windows 8 Start Screen
Windows 8 Start Screen Demo
Windows 8 UI
Windows 8 UI Demo
App Snapping
App Snapping Demo
Charms Demo
App Bar
App Bar Demo

A Lap Around the Windows 8 Application Framework

Windows 8 App Framework
Windows 8 App Framework Demo
Development Choices
App Lifecycle
App Lifecycle Demo
Controls Demo
Visual Studio Templates
Visual Studio HTML/JavaScript Templates Demo
Visual Studio XAML Templates Demo
Hello World Intro
Hello World HTML/JavaScript Demo
Hello World XAML/C# Demo

Getting Started Building HTML/JavaScript Windows Store Apps

Introduction to HTML/JavaScript Windows Store Apps
Blank App Project Demo
Grid App Project Demo
Split App Project Demo
Fixed App Project Demo
Navigation App Project Demo
UI Surfaces, Layout and Navigation
AppBar and MessageDialog Demo
AppBar and Flyout Demo
Navigation Techniques Demo
HTML and WinJS Controls Demo – Part 1
HTML and WinJS Controls Demo – Part 2
Working with Data
Templates and ListView Demo
Getting Started with Animations and the SDK
Adding Animations Demo
Live Tiles
Understanding Tile Templates
Tile Notifications and Badges Demo

Getting Started Building XAML/C# Apps

Windows 8 Apps with XAML
File New and Basic Pages
Layout Aware Split Pages and the Simulator
Grid Apps, Flip View and Grouped Lists
Controls Overview
Adding Controls to a Page
Unified Approach to Events
Wiring Up Event Handlers
Working with Data
Data Binding Scenarios
MVVM and Data Binding
Styling and Visual States
3 Types of Styles
Re-Templating Controls
Visual States
Child Transition Animations
Applying Theme Transitions
Applying Theme Animations

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  • jens

    Nice HTML Site :)

    80 retro look

  • Kinjal Shah

    The course seems to be around 6 hours long. Am I missing something or I can’t see the video yet? How do I get hold of it?

    • John

      You need a subscription to Pluralsight to see it. They do have free trials on their site, too.

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