Building an ASP.NET Core App

Recently I had a great opportunity to sit down with my good friend and expert web developer Shayne Boyer. We challenged Shayne to take ASP.NET Core out for a test drive and build it with an Angular 1 front end from scratch. Shayne did a great job walking through this and explaining the new parts of ASP.NET Core as we built it out. You can watch Shayne in action here.

Angular 2 Tutorial - QuickStart to Routing

The Tour of Heroes tutorial takes us through the steps of creating an Angular application in TypeScript. You can start the Tour of Heroes tutorial here.


Building Apps with Node, Express, Redis and Mongo

Recently I had a great opportunity to sit down with the amazing Sam Artioli to build a flexible Node app from scratch. I love coding on the fly, and I love pair programming with awesome developers. That’s why I enjoy filming these Play by Play videos. You can watch Sam in action here.

Angular 2 Styles and File Structure

When are you publishing the Angular 2 Style Guide, John?

VS Code Angular Snippets

Visual Studio Code Beta is available and it supports extensions! I published my first 2 extensions for creating Angular 1 and 2 snippets. You can grab these from the marketplace or right from VS Code.

Angular 2 Hack Night Coming to Orlando

Want to learn Angular 2 from the beginning? Join me and many fellow developers at the Orlando Angular 2 hack Night in Orlando! How about if we make this free?

Learning Visual Studio Code

vscode-icon-sm Do you develop with Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript, Docker, Python, Gulp, or ASP.NET? Do you work on a Mac OSX, Linux, or Windows? Today’s developers work with a variety of languages and platforms, so a good tool is super important. I use an editor for most of my development and have tried Brackets, Atom, Sublime and others, but since the preview of Visual Studio Code (aka Code) was released I’ve been using it increasingly as my go-to editor.

Visual Studio Code Webinar

Mac OSX, Linux, or Windows … pick your OS! I recently co-presented the launch of Visual Studio Code (aka Code) at //Build with Erich Gamma and Chris Diaz, and on May 26th, 2015 at 10 PT you can join me for a live presentation of Code as a cross-platform editor followed by an interactive Q&A.

Automatically Restarting ASP.NET on OSX with DNXMON

Write some code, see it run, refactor the code, see it run, refactor … you get the idea. This is what I do all day long. Notice I didn’t say “write code, refactor, stop server, start server, write code …”. Why? Because I prefer my server to detect the code changes and auto-restart. This works great in Node.js with nodemon, so this post shows one option to do that for ASP.NET on OSX.

Getting Started with ASP.NET 5 on OSX

ASP.NET 5 is something special. We can build cross platform Web apps using .NET Core that run on OSX, Linux and Windows. But how do you get started on OSX? This post shows how quickly you can get up and running.