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Angular and Progressive Saving


ngconfLast week I had the privilege of presenting at ngConf which was jam packed with some awesome presentations. My presentation was on Progressive Saving with Angular, where you can stash work in progress in local storage and come back to it. It was an abbreviated version of what I present in my Pluralsight course Building Apps with Angular and Breeze Part 1 and Part 2, where I explore this concept in detail.

You can watch my presentation here.

Here are the slides from my presentation.

And you can run the live demo of the app from this link.

The conference was awesome and very well organized. All of the talks from the conference are online. If you pick out a few, be sure to check out the talks by the AngularJS team and my friend Dan Wahlin.

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  • Kurt Wiersma

    Any chance the code for this Angular version of Code Camper is on github?

    • Sergiy Proskuryakov

      John’s courses on pluralsight are invaluable, you get access to the code there, it’s only $50

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  • Fabian

    Thanks for the video and the example =)

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