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It’s High Time to Learn Git


It’s time. Admit it. You’ve put it off too long and now that Git is tied at the hip to Visual Studio 2013 and there is some great training on it by my friend Esteban Garcia, it’s time to learn it. I use git for all of my code. You can find Esteban’s new course Git for Visual Studio 2013 at Pluralsight.
Git has gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years and I’m seeing more and more developers adopting it. If you use Visual Studio as your primary IDE, there is a bit of a learning curve to get going and become productive with Git. In this course, my friend Esteban shows you how to get started with Git, the benefits that you get from using it, and takes you through the workflow that you should follow when working effectively with Git. The course emphasizes being able to perform most Git commands directly from Visual Studio without the need to jump out to command line. And frankly, while CIL is all so popular these days, I much prefer me some GUI!

Team Foundation Server 2013 now gives you the option to select Git as your source control repository, and Esteban spends an entire module covering this functionality. The TFS 2013 module includes Git commands, associating commits to TFS Work Items, and build automation.

This is a really great course and Esteban does a really good job at thoroughly taking you through the steps that you need to take to be successful with Git while (mostly) staying within Visual Studio.

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  • nikivancic

    This is precisely the impetus that I needed for a very long time, since I started flirting with Git.. While I always claimed that I can learn just about anything on my own (and did that many times), the quality of information that I am getting from courses at Pluralsight makes me many times more successful to acquire new knowledge.

    Thanks for this post, John.

  • amopitt

    Ah, I had just watched a course you taught on using SmartGitHg. This is very nice though considering we already use TFS for other projects.

    Thank you!

  • Brian Noyes

    Also check out James Kovac’s Git Fundamentals – Does a great job of teaching the command line experience with git, which I think is essential to get comfortable with to really be proficient with Git. The VS integration is pretty sweet, but nothing tells you the truth like the command line, and there are many more advanced scenarios with forking, working against multiple repos and so on that you may have to drop to the command line to really manage correctly. Using posh-git is happiness when it comes to that, but using some of the command line functionality I learned from James’ course has kept me smooth sailing when I am at the command line.

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