I had projected the NY Giants roster a 1 week and a half ago before Osi Umenyiora season ending injury. Obviously his spot is now up for grabs by someone else. Likely another DE. There have been some other developments along the way which caused me to change my mind on who might make the team. I think the hardest battles are at CB, RB and WR. I fully expect the Giants to search the waiver wire for a DE to gain some depth. So even though the DE’s on my list are my picks to make the team, I would be shocked if the Giants did not try to make a move at some point to stengthen that unit. Also, I think the Giants may try to trade a WR or a RB, similar to how they did this last year by trading Ryan Grant to the Packers. They simply have a glut of WRs and RBs, many of whom are playing very well but there just are not enough spots on the team. So without further delay, here are my revised projections:


Quarterbacks (3) – Manning, Carr, Woodson

- Woodson has looked bad, very bad. The Giants are going to be happy with Carr as a backup, but Wright is hurting and is not that good. Woodson has been horrible. I think his 2 fumbled snaps in the last preseason game may cost him a job. I say Woodson makes the team over Wright only because Wright is hurt. If Wright gets healthy, Woodson gets cut.

Running Backs (5) – Jacobs, Bradshaw, Ward, Ware, Droughns

- Droughns is a good veteran player and excellent special teamer. He and Ware are fighting for a spot but Ware is younger, has less mileage, and has lit it up this preseason. Droughns has really picked it up lately. I can see the Giants keeping all 5 guys or trying to trade Ware or Droughns.

Fullbacks (1) – Hedgecock

- Douglass has played well, but there is no room for 2 FBs on this team and Hedgecock is the better of the 2  Hedgecock is a beast.

Tight Ends (3) – Boss, Johnson, Matthews

- Boss has the best hands, Matthews has been the best blocker, and Johnson has a little of both and is very athletic. Johnson showed a lot in the last preseason game. I think he solidified his spot as the 3rd TE.

Wide Receivers (7) - Burress, Toomer, Smith, Hixon, Manningham, Moss, London

- Thorpe has played well and may end up on the practice squad. London has ben outplayed by Moss lately, but not by much. Hixon,< Smith, Toomer, Burress and Manningham are locks. That leaves 1 spot for Moss or London. Moss will make it and so will London. They need depth at this position and I see the, keeping 7. Tyree as expected is on the PUP list.

Offensive Linemen (8) – Diehl, Suebert, O’Hara, Snee, McKenzie, Ruegamer, Boothe, Whimper

- Shane Olivea would have made it if he was healthy. Boothe has really stepped it up. I think the Giants will be very happy with this group I think Boothe just pushed Koets out of a job and possibly to practice squad.


Defensive Linemen (7) – Kiwanuka, Robbins, Cofield, Tuck, Alford, Wynn, Tollefson

- They like to keep this line fresh so I expect 7 to make the cut and adding an 8th from a trade or waviers.  Alford has been good and his long snapping has been very good. He’ll stick. Gilberry has really slipped. Umenyiora is on the IR, so this leaves a big hole to fill. i expect a DE to be signed from another team or a trade to be made, possibly for one of the Giants RBs or WRs.

Linebackers (7) – Pierce, Clark, Wilkinson, Blackburn, Kehl, DeOssie, Goff

- Goff is probably going on the PUP. If he doesn’t, he might push WIlkinson or someone else out of a spot. He flies to the ball. Daniels is another guy to keep an eye on. He has been very good this preseason. DeOssie has been OK, but his long snapping has been very good.

Safeties (4) – Phillips, Knight, Johnson, Butler

- These 4 are still the best of the bunch. I’ll stick with this group.

Cornerback (6) – Ross, Madison, Thomas, Webster, McQuarters, Dockery

- Pope did a good job filling in last year. But unless McQuarters gets cut, which I doubt due to his special team abilities, Pope gets practice squad duties. Madison could be an odd man out if the numbers game gets tight.

PlaceKicker (1) – Tynes

- Tynes is hurting but looks like he’ll be back in a week or so. Huston has been awful, which is sad because he had a great camp last year. I think the Giants scour the wire from a kicker this weekend.

Punter (1) – Feagles

- He’ll be kicking in his 90’s and still be the best directional kicker in the NFL

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