Elliot Hamai talks with us about using App Spaces from Azure, the difference between static and container apps, when region is important, how it integrates with GitHub, and what a Saas like experience means when it comes to app spaces.

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Recording date: May 30, 2024

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  • 00:27 Introducing Elliot Hamai
  • 03:20 Why should app spaces be interesting to web developers?
  • 04:40 What's the difference between Azure container apps vs static apps?
  • 07:19 Sponsor: Ag Grid
  • 08:22 Why would I want to use static web apps?
  • 14:19 GitHub integration is key
  • 18:57 Sponsor: IdeaBlade
  • 19:58 Is it app component or static app component?
  • 22:20 Why is region important?
  • 28:58 Where can people learn more?
  • 31:05 What's a Saas-like experience in app spaces?

Podcast editing on this episode done by Chris Enns of Lemon Productions.