Grace Taylor talks with John about ways to make AI more useful for developers, using tools like Better Together to build better apps, how it knows what developer's intent is, what services is Better Together using, and more.

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Recording date: July 1, 2024

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  • 00:42 What is Canada Day, eh?
  • 01:22 Introducing Grace Taylor
  • 02:53 What is Better Together?
  • 05:53 How does it work to figure out what's best for my app?
  • 08:21 Sponsor: Ag Grid
  • 09:26 How do you know what the developer's intent is?
  • 12:13 What interesting ways are users using AI?
  • 15:07 What services are you using to build Better Together?
  • 16:43 Is it the platform's job to make UX better, or should the industry teach prompt writing?
  • 18:03 Sponsor: IdeaBlade
  • 18:58 How can AI do better at supporting languages other than English?
  • 23:48 How do code optimizations work?
  • 29:40 What kind of feedback have you gotten?
  • 31:38 Where can people learn more about Better Together?
  • 32:58 Final thoughts

Podcast editing on this episode done by Chris Enns of Lemon Productions.