I enjoy writing mobile device applications. Especially when I can combine modern architectural patterns that I use in most enterprise applications to mobile devices, as well. My latest article, titled "Accessing Data From a Mobile Application" is now available online in the January MSDN Magazine issue.


Here is a summary of the article:

Data access is an important aspect of developing applications with the Microsoft® .NET Compact Framework for Windows Mobile® devices. By using the existing architecture to send and receive data between your mobile application and your application server, you can pass data with either DataSets, custom objects, or scalar values.

In this installment of DataPoints, I will discuss best practices for data access strategies when developing mobile applications for Smartphones. I will also demonstrate how to design a data-driven Smartphone application that can display and save data over the Internet. I will show you how to communicate with a server application that exposes methods to get data using a DataSet, custom objects, and a generic List<T> of entities.