I’ll be at VSLive in Boston at the end of this month demonstrating coding techniques with ADO.NET 2, so please drop by and say hi if you get a chance. The session is titled Get Ready for ADO.NET 2 and is at 5:45pm on June 29th. Below is the synopsis of the session … and the agenda from my slide deck:


Get Ready for ADO.NET 2

Data access using ADO.NET is at the core of most .NET enterprise applications. While ADO.NET 1.x is powerful, its successor ADO.NET 2 contains several new features that are can benefit an application. We'll review these new features and how to take advantage of them including binary serialization of DataSets, multiple active resultsets (MARS), and enhancements to strongly typed DataSets.



  • Enhancements/Refinements, not a revolution
  • DataTable Enhancements
  • DataTableReader
  • Loading Data
  • LoadOption enumerator
  • Changing RowState
  • AcceptChangesOnUpdate
  • DataView enhancements
  • Batch Updates
  • Faster loading
  • Binary Serialization
  • Asynchronous commands