Earlier today I had the opportunity to present a session at Tampa Code Camp 2008 on ADO.NET Data Services and Silverlight 2. Oh, and the code camps was a nice place to promote my new book too :-). The session went well, we had lots of great questions, some good after the session chats, and none of my demos broke :-) … which is always good.  As promised, here are the slides from my presentation.


The best part of code camps is the chance to meet up with people you don’t see face to face in the community on a regular basis. I really enjoy talking to everyone .. we have a fantastic .NET community here in Florida! People came from Naples, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, Dunedin, Gainesville, and various other parts of Florida. I believe at one point Joe Healy counted 250 attendees showed up (I may be wrong). Joe usually puts photos up for the vents, too, so keep an eye out for them. Overall, I had a great time even though I had about 4 hours of sleep between my company Christmas party (in Orlando) the night before and speaking at Tampa Code Camp the morning. I hope nobody noticed how tired I was :) The whole crew that put this together should feel proud. There were lots of them, so I won;t name them all for fear of missing someone … but it went off quite well.

Oh! I almost forgot …. I am honored to have Tim Heuer write the foreward for my book. We just sent the cover to the printer and the book will go to the printer this coming week. Tim was very kind to write the foreward for it and I am thrilled to have him included!