I love the Web and I love tools that make creating awesome things for the Web easier! When creating Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) there are a lot of options. So it just makes sense to create an extension for VS Code to help design PWAs. As the title mentions, this is an alpha.

I'd love some of your help to test this extension. Give it a run through and see what we might want to change, add, remove, or document further. My first cut at this extension can be found here. Please refer to the GitHub repo to create any issues. I will iterate on this extension a few times, til I have something that is useful to the wider audience creating PWAs.

A few words about this extension's goals. The extension's snippets should:

  1. Create the code we know we need and only that code.
  2. Omit any code that we "might" need in the future. If we need it, add it later.
  3. Work for Angular, React, Vue, plain old JavaScript
  4. Provide simple and functional steps to create a PWA on the major platforms listed above

I'm also working on some helpers to deploy PWAs to Azure.

Note that some of these are open issues in the GitHub repo. So feel free to help contribute to any issues that are marked "help wanted".

Thanks for your help in advance!