I recently updated my course on the Angular CLI with Pluralsight course (August 31, 2018) and I'd like to share what changed with y'all.

I estimate about 80% of the clips were re-recorded and are new. All modules were updated, but starting with module 2 "Angular CLI Setup and Verification" through the final module, "Tooling Features", were almost entirely updated or replaced. I ran all of the commands and recorded all-new audio and video for these, and updated all of the code demos (you can find those in the exercise files for download). Some changes are due to how the CLI has evolved, and others are showing all new features.

Throughout these modules there are changes including, but not limited to:

  • CLI command changes (including for multi projects)
  • CLI options that were removed or introduced
  • changes to CLI options and their aliases
  • removal of the eject command
  • additions for ng add
  • additions for ng update
  • workspaces and multiple projects
  • creating libraries
  • introducing the angular console
  • updating your version of angular
  • all code samples
  • and more :)

The final module on Tooling is entirely new, as it includes a bunch of new features.

My approach to this course update was to make sure all of the video captures and code show the current state of the Angular CLI. To get there, I watched the entire course and made notes along the way as I walked through every example. Even if something small changed, I re-recorded the audio and/or video as needed. I hope the results help you!

Thank you for watching!

-- John Papa