Building MEAN Apps with Cosmos DB - Part 4: Creating and Deploying Cosmos DB

I've released a new videos series that shows how to build MEAN apps using Cosmos DB. Each video in the series will be a couple of minutes and show how each part of the application works. This next video shows how to create the MongoDB database with Azure Cosmos DB, and deploy it to Azure.

This video series explores:

  1. Exploring the Angular, Express, Node, and Cosmos DB app
  2. Building the Node.js and Express.js app, along with the Angular CLI
  3. Angular and Express APIs
  4. Creating and Deploying Cosmos DB
  5. Querying Cosmos DB
  7. Coming Soon

Topics will include:

  • Building and running the API with Node and Express
  • Creating the UI with Angular and hitting the API
  • Debugging the Node app with VS Code
  • Creating the Cosmos DB
  • Building the HTTP GET to Cosmos DB with Mongoose
  • Building the HTTP POST, PUT, and DELETE to Cosmos DB
  • Geo replication with Cosmos DB

Coming Soon

Keep an eye out for the future videos that I'll be posting very soon!


You can walk through the code on GitHub here.

And here is a great walk through of migrating a Mongo DB app to Cosmos DB, in the Azure docs.