Emma Twersky stops by to talk about what's new and exciting in Angular, balancing the wide range of views and opinions in the Angular community, and thoughts on what to change or remove from Angular.

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  episode: 246,
  title: 'Angular',
  topics: [ 
    'framework', 'angular', ''
  guest: 'Emma Twersky'
  hosts: [
    'Craig Shoemaker', 'Ward Bell'

John Papa @John_Papa

Ward Bell @WardBell

Dan Wahlin @DanWahlin

Craig Shoemaker @craigshoemaker

Emma Twersky @Twerske

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  • 00:27 Welcome
  • 01:52 Who is Emma Twersky?
  • 03:17 What's exciting about Angular?
  • 11:00 Sponsor: Ag Grid
  • 12:06 How do you listen to the community with a wide range of views?
  • 18:55 What is Control Flow?
  • 22:52 Sponsor: IdeaBlade
  • 23:54 What areas are getting feedback?
  • 29:06 What would you love to change about Angular?
  • 38:29 Final thoughts

Podcast editing on this episode done by Chris Enns of Lemon Productions.