Being the mischievous sort that I am, I am always interested in a creative (yet harmless) prank. A friend of mine, Brian Peek, is a master at creating interesting hardware based solutions with .NET. Recently he has come up with some great ideas for the holidays such as an application that will drip blood on a computer screen, his motion detecting blood squirting skull, or the less demonic and more cheerful Holiday light show. Brian also has several other neat ideas (some of which involve minor hardware and some of which do not) that he writes about in his column with MSDN Coding For Fun.


Anyway … Brian came out with a neat idea for an April Fools Day joke. The article in Coding For Fun that Brian wrote describes how to make an application lay in wait til an assigned day and time and then it will take a screenshot of the monitor(s) and rotate then and/or zoom them in and out. I won’t give out all of the details here as Brian did a great job at explaining them in his article. All of the code is included in both VB and C# and it requires nothing but .NET. So go check out his article and stay away from my computer!


Oh … and I love the disclaimer message that appears when you download the code. It basically says you run this at your own risk J I guess they were covering themselves in case Brian was the next great virus creator. Can’t blame them really. But it is funny J




Rotating Screen for April Fools Day




Motion Detecting, Blood Squirting Skull