Thanks to all of you, last week we flew past 1,000,000 views of Silverlight TV! We’re not stopping here, we have a ton in store for the second half of the year. But first, a quick thank you to all of you for tuning in and for all of our great guests who have brought their A-game to the show and helped make Silverlight TV the * most popular Silverlight show on the internet ;-)

* disclaimer: I have totally not researched that ;-)

Now back to this week’s episode … which Adam looks very excited about!


There has been a lot of buzz about behaviors in Blend. What can they do? Why use them? What exactly are they? In this episode of Silverlight TV Adam Kinney demonstrates how to take advantage of behaviors in Expression Blend 4. He creates several demonstrations using the new DataStore and conditional behavior features in concert with several new behaviors including ChangePropertyAction, ControlStoryBoardAction, SetDataStoreValueAction, and a custom Mouse3DBehavior. Adam also shows how to create a custom behavior using code. Don't miss this episode as Adam discusses how behaviors can make the UI developer's job much easier.

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