Writing a blog is not really that difficult (OK, I’ve been really lazy the past few months on this). But I do find that I am often in my email client whether that is on my desktop, laptop or on my SmartPhone. So when I heard that blogmailr existed, I figured it was worth a shot … especially since it is free. Blogmailr is a tool that allows you to post a blog through email. All you do is:

1)      Set up an account with blogmailr at www.blogmailr.com

2)      During the account setup, you have to specify the credentials to log into your blog so it can post to it

3)      Blogmailr assigns you an email address

4)      Enter all email addresses that you want to be allowed to submit to the blogmailr enabled blogs

5)      You send an email to the assigned blogmailr email address and its contents are posted to your blog

It sounded simple, so I wrote this post with it to try it out and see how it handled formatted text. Above I used some bulleted numbers. Now, I will use some bullets to list some of my favorite authors:

  • J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Terry Brooks
  • C.S. Lewis

And here is some code that I copied from C# in VS.NET 2005:

// This is the Problem ID Property

public int ProblemID


            get { return this.problemID; }

            set { this.problemID = value; }


If this works out, I may end up using it more than Word or BlogJet!

Oh … do not tell anyone your assigned email address. Otherwise, they will be able to post to your blog too!