A while back I blogged about my first impressions of BlogJet. While I've been using BlogJet on and off for a few months, I have unfortunatley put it back on my shelf. Don't get me wrong, it shows some real promise, but I had more issues with it not uploading images properly and sending some of my new posts into the netherworld. That is my biggest issue with BlogJet. I gave this a long hard look because I really wanted it to work. In any event, I will be sending some of my concerns to them as well as some of my future requests for features such as built in code formatting for code samples. (Currently I use a custom program I wrote as well as a program called CopySourceAsHtml for formatting code.)

For now I am using an HTML editor and good old copy and paste.

NOTE: Brendan recently pointed out that it might be our server which is causing the uploading issues. So I apologize to the BlogJet software for any ill will :-) Seriously though, I still wish it had code formatting built in. How awesome would that be!