As the cycle for my book is winding down, I have been receiving a lot of requests to get advance copies and/or to review my Data-Driven Services with Silverlight 2 book. If I have not responded to your emails or comments, please accept my apologies (I’ve been working hard on the book editing process). I figured it’s easier to address these questions in a blog post.

Unfortunately, there are no advance copies of my book. There is no rough cuts, no e-book nor a pre-release version. Doing those things often leads to a lot of changes along the way and it would only get the book in people’s hands a few weeks early in my case. The book will be ready in December to pick up in stores.

The good news though is that we will be looking for people to do reviews of the book. If you already emailed me regarding your interest in reviewing the book, I’ve put your name on a list. If you have interest in reviewing, please let me know. In a few weeks I will discuss the list with the O’Reilly Media and we’ll figure out how many review copies we will send out (no promises). So if you are interested and have not contacted me yet, please drop me an email in the next few weeks. All I asked in return for the book is that you write a review on your blog and copy/paste it to Amazon. Pretty good deal :-)

Thank you for all of your interest in the book. I am excited that its getting closer to being in your hands!

IMPORTANT: If you want to review the book, please use my “Contact” page send me a message with your name and your desire to review the book. Be sure to enter your correct email address in the form, too, so I can contact you when its time.