I have been doing a lot of uploading and downloading lately and I figured I would give a shot upgrading my upload and download speeds with RoadRunner. They charged me about $20 more a month to go from 4800 kbps download and 350 kbps upload to 7600 kbps download and 480 kbps upload. These are numbers I got after running several speed tests (before and after the switch) at both www.dslreports.com and www.speakeasy.net. So that is a 58% faster download speed and a 37% faster upload.


OK, sounds great so far, but let’s see if it really makes a difference when downloading a DVD image from MSDN, streaming video, uploading large images to my customers’ servers, etc. I have a feeling that even though this all sounds like a huge improvement that the reality of the “other factors” (external server’s connection speed, traffic, etc) will prevent me from realizing any noticeable gains. I sure hope I am wrong, but I figured it was time to try it out. After all, I can always cancel it after a week if it doesn’t make a difference.