According to and the WSJ, Microsoft has hired an ad company and Jerry Seinfeld to help its image amongst the famous Mac vs PC ads. We’ve all seen them, laughed at them, and many of us see the obvious flaws in them. But the problem is that people believe these ads and they believe that Mac is far superior to PCs. It does not help that Vista has had such an infamous start either.






So can Jerry Seinfeld (Bill Gates appears in the commercials too) make a difference at this point? I am curious to see how the ads come out. Yeah he is funny, and yeah Microsoft took a beating and appears as the old outdated computer in the Mac ads. But are these new ads going to be mud slinging at Apple? I would not doubt it, but I hope they are more clever and less attacking.  It would be great if the ads from both companies would lay out the benefits of operating systems instead of universally bashing. I mean seriously, Mac is cool but its not better than PC in every way the as their commercials would have you believe. It should at least be entertaining.

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