Tom Hollander, Ron Jacobs and Scott Densmore are presenting a webcast on what's coming the release of Ent Lib for .NET 2 this coming Thursday, 20th October at 2pm US Eastern Standard Time (18:00 UTC). It should be an interesting webcast to see how Ent Lib is evolving. These guys are very sharp and I find them to be good presenters

Here is the description for the webcast, taken verbatum from the webcast site:

<BLOCKQUOTE dir=ltr style=”MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px”> <P>Enterprise Library for Microsoft .NET 1.x has been a smashing success with two releases and over 150K downloads. The June 2005 release is compatible with Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, but many of you are eagerly awaiting this next release of Enterprise Library which is specifically designed for .NET 2.0. In this webcast, we discuss how Enterprise Library has evolved to a true .NET 2.0 library.