In the latest issue of my Data Points column in2008-11-MSDN MSDN Magazine (Nov 2008 issue) I wrote an article titled “Cloud Gazing From Silverlight 2”. It answers some of the most common questions I get when I start talking about Silverlight 2 programs being used for data centric and service driven apps. In the article I address:

- How to handle web services from Silverlight 2

- Consuming ASMX web services

- Consuming WCF SOAP services

- Consuming RESTful services

- LINQ to XML and its role in Silverlight 2

- Cross domain policies

Obviously there is a lot more to talk about in the web service storyline for Silverlight 2, but that’s yet another reason I wrote an entire book on the topic. This article covers the basic needed to jumpstart Silverlight development with web services. Enjoy!