I got back from VSLive Orlando a few days ago - it was great! If you attended one of my presentations, I thank you and hope you enjoyed it/them. I had a great time talking to several attendees, speakers and the conference coordinators (they did a great job) at VSLive including. One thing I love about presenting at conferences is that I get to meet really interesting and great people. 

I presented 2 different topics this time (see the agenda here). For those of you looking for my code samples from my Editing Master and Detail Records in ASP.NET 2.0 session, you can download them from these 3 links:

  • Northwind Database Script for SQL Server 2005
  • Additional Stored Procedures for the demo
  • GridViewDemo code (web site and class library projects)
  • Note: I included the northwind database script for SQL Server 2005 since it is not shipped with the product. I think its great that we have new and more involved sample databases, but a lot of demos still work on Northwind, so it might come in handy for you.

    <FONT color=#ff0000>Disclaimer: This code was written with VS.NET 2005's Release Candidate.

    Here is the abstract from this session:

    Editing Master and Detail Records in ASP.NET 2.0
    The ASP.NET 2.0 GridView and DetailsView controls add tremendous value to developers who need to create editable web forms with master detail data. These controls reduce the amount of code required to page, sort and handle many events that formerly required custom event handlers. This session will demonstrate how to migrate code to these controls from the ASP.NET 1.x DataGrid in a mutli tier application. The demos include examples on using the ObjectDataSource, SqlDataSource, Generics, the GridView, the DetailsView, Binding to Custom Business Objects, and Binding to ADO.NET DataTables.