To add to my last post on comparing Resharper and CodeRush ... I spent some more time with each of these products and something that stuck out right away was that they don;t play well together. I had several features run into each other (intellisense, templates, and keys that do different things) Yeah, I should have expected this and I guess deep down I did, but I was holding out hope that I could use both simultaneously. So I had to turn 1 off to truly test the other and then vice versa. It was a bit annoying that if I turned off CodeRush in the add-ins menu that it would unload, then reload. I had to close Visual Studio.NET to get it to stay unloaded. Like a telemarketer it just wouldn't stop getting in my face! I did not have this problem with Resharper as once I unloaded it it stayed down. While this was annoying, I can't condemn the product for this, not if it turns out to be better for development (jury is still out in my mind as I give them both a fair shake).

Another thing that I noticed is that it takes about 1 minute to load my massive project into Visual Studio.NET when Resharper is running. It likely is loading all of its metadata, which caused my project to go from taking about 15 seconds to load to about 55 seconds. Not killer, but still an annoyance. CodeRush did not provide any noticeable delay to the loading of my project, which really stood out. But if I have to live with a delay at load time to gain the "Find Usages" and the "Analysis/Code Checking" features of Resharper, I'll take the good with the bad.

So far I haven't seen any compelling evidence (although there are some very useful features) that would cause me to use CodeRush over Resharper. Although, I am still going to delve deeper into both to see what else there might be that I am missing.

If you have had experience comparing the 2 products, what did you find?