VSLive Boston in late June was fun. I spoke on 2 topics (one regarding the new features of ADO.NET 2 and the other one regarding System.Transactions). I had a good time talking to several attendees at VSLive including a couple of our codebetter blog readers. One thing I love about presenting at conferences is that I get to meet really interesting and great people.

I just confirmed that I will also be presenting 2 different topics at VSLive Orlando in October. You can check out the schedule of presentations for VSLive Orlando here. The topics and their brief summaries are below. Once I get the slides for these to a more completed state I will post their agendas as I did with the Boston ones here and here. I'll be wearing my codebetter.com polo shirt, so track me down if you will be there too.

Efficient Data Access with ADO.NET and SQL
Using an efficient data access strategy is essential in designing scalable and efficient enterprise solutions. In this session I will review several data access techniques that can improve performance and/or ease maintenance in applications. I’ll discuss efficient ways to implement ADO.NET database connections, automatic closure of connections and using connection pooling. I will also review some performance and efficiency tips when executing stored procedures, using parameterized queries, and preventing SQL injection attacks.

Editing Master and Detail Records in ASP.NET 2.0
The ASP.NET 2.0 GridView and DetailsView controls add tremendous value to developers who need to create editable web forms with master detail data. These controls reduce the amount of code required to page, sort and handle many events that formerly required custom event handlers. This session will demonstrate how to migrate code to these controls from the ASP.NET 1.x DataGrid in a mutli tier application.