I have been writing for MSDN Magazine for almost 7 years with what started out as feature articles and moved into my current Data Points column. 7 years is a long time and is it suggests, I love working for them. I get a lot of comments via email from readers and despite the volume, I do read all of them. I don't have the time to reply to all of them, although I do try my best. For those of you who send comments in, thank you ... I enjoy hearing feedback on what you liked, thought could be improved, was left out, what would be valuable for future articles.

Every now and then, the MSDN Magazine crew sends us all the comments that people have posted as they're rating the articles. Most of them are helpful, and most are very positive and have great comments. I get a few that rate my articles 1 out of 9 but then say the article was great ;-) I also get a few that rate it 1 out of 9 and simply did not like the article's content. I appreciate all of the feedback. I really do. So please keep it coming, I hope you enjoy them!

NOTE: Ken Getz blogged today about his MSDN comments, too.