Today I went to Tampa and presented a Day of Silverlight 2 with Data Access at the Microsoft office. It was a free event and I like to think everyone was there to see my presentation, but it could also have been because it was free and we gave away a ton of swag including a free MSDN subscription. The people were great, they asked a lot of questions and they genuinely seemed interested in the content.

It was a 3.5 hour presentation on Silverlight 2 data binding, development techniques, using it with SOAP, ASMX, WCF, REST, 3rd party services, cross domain policies, debugging tips, and ADO.NET Data Services. Frankly, we went at warp speed just to cover all of the content. The purpose of the presentation was to demonstrate how Silverlight can be used in business applications. So I covered a lot of ground just to get everyone some exposure to the different areas that they may or may not have thought of.

I promised to post my slides from the presentation on my site, so here is a link to the slides for the Day of Silverlight 2. I used these merely as talking points to guide the presentation … that’s my style. I prefer to do that and then show people how things work and answer questions along the way. The group was highly interactive and a whole lot of fun to present to!