I love running my code right after making some new changes, so I can see them light up in the browser. But I don't love when error messages are not straight forward. At least not to me.

Recently I ran a project and was told ngLocale is not available! What? I'm not loading ngLocale, what does Angular want from me? After some digging in the console and Chrome debugger I uncovered more information about the issue.

"[$injector:nomod] Module 'ngLocale' is not available! 
You either misspelled the module name or forgot to load it. 
If registering a module ensure that you specify the dependencies 
 as the second argument.

This didn't help much but luckily I'd seen this before and recalled that it happens when I tried to include a module dependency that did not exist. This happens due to a number of reasons such as removing a script for index.html for a module but leaving in the module dependency or even misspelling a module dependency. (Turns out my issue was the former.) So this was easy to fix once you knew that.

But the message is not very clear. Or is it? I read the message to say that ngLocale is misspelled or not loaded. I wasn't using ngLocale so this threw me off at first. But after reading the message again it might be trying to tell me that a module (any module) was not spelled correctly or was not loaded. Ah! If that is the intent, then we can start looking at other module dependencies to resolve it.

Either way, I think this error message needs some refactoring. Hopefully this post helps you avoid or prevent this issue from being a time sink.