That’s right, the beta of the eBay Simple Lister app is now available in the eBay garden. I am really excited about this application! This Silverlight 4 application was built using Sketchflow, Blend, and Visual Studio 2010. It was designed and developed by Cynergy Systems for eBay with help from several Microsoft folk including Raj Ramabadran, Will Tschumy, Joe Shirey, and John Papa.image

You likely saw it in the MIX10 keynote or in the Silverlight 4 Launch keynote at DevConnections last week with Scott Guthrie. If you missed the presentation of the eBay Simple Lister in the keynote you can watch if from the this link. (It starts at minute 47 and ends at minute 58.)

If you opt into the eBay garden you can download and use the Simple Lister beta. From eBay’s garden web site click on the Try it Out button …


This brings you to the install page where you can install the Simple Lister to your desktop (yes, this is an elevated Out of Browser application!). Once you click the install button, you see the digitally signed install dialog (another new feature for elevated Out of Browser applications in Silverlight 4).


The installation takes just a few moments (and of course requires Silverlight 4). Once installed you can run the application from your desktop, as this is an out of browser application. You’ll first be asked to log into the application with your eBay credentials. The application allows you to check a box to “remember” you so you do not have to log in each time you use it.

To start selling you start at the main page (show below).


You can start selling a number of ways. Here a few of them:

  1. Type in the item you want to locate and click the “find” button
  2. Click the bar code image and then drag a bar code into the app
  3. Click the bar code image and the use the webcam to capture the bar code

If you type in the name of what you want to sell, a list of matches will be displayed. You can then choose to use one of the matches or pick a category that closely matches the item you searched for.


If you choose to go the bar code route, you can drag a photo of the bar code onto the application, use the “Find a photo” option to search your file system for an image of the bar code, or use the webcam to snap a photo of the bar code.


Once you select the item you want to sell, you will be able to select the condition. You can also enter your free form description for the item. Then you are presented with a summary of your listing where you can either make edits or list the item immediately, as shown below.


That’s it. It is that simple!

This Silverlight 4 application was built using Sketchflow, Blend, and Visual Studio 2010. It takes advantage of several Silverlight 4 features. Just to name a few of these features:

  • Elevated Trust for Out of Browser
  • Notification Windows (toasts)
  • PathListBox
  • WebCam
  • Silverlight as a Drop Target
  • Field Level Validation
  • Digitally signed elevated trust out of browser application
  • File system access (for photos)
  • Custom window chrome
  • This is a beta of the Simple Lister application so please leave your feedback.