I’ve been using BlogJet for a few weeks now to post to my blog and while it has not overwhelmed me, it has proven to be a useful tool. Here are some quick observations that I have made regarding the pros and cons that are important to me:


  • It is nice to be able to post to my blog without having to go to my blog’s web page
  • I can save drafts of my postings locally or post them as non published to my blog
  • Basic formatting such as bullets, hyper links, fonts and images are easy
  • Associating my post with 1 or more categories from my blog is easy
  • I can date my blogs in the future for a future release
  • It has spell check (disabled by default)
  • Cons:

    • Setting it up was not as easy as I would have hoped since I had to figure out what Provider to select and what web page to point it to for Community Server. (Thankfully, other codebetter.com crewmen had already been down that road.)
    • If it had built in code formatting for code samples, well, that would be awesome. (Currently I use a custom program I wrote as well as a program called CopySourceAsHtml for formatting code.)
    • I don’t have any serious complaints with BlogJet so I will continue using it.  

      Eric Wise did a quick review of BlogJet a few weeks ago, as well.