Are you interested in using high quality images in your presentations? If you have seen some of my more recent presentations you know do. I love having access to great images I can legally use in my presentations and Pluralsight videos. I’ve recently worked out a discount with my favorite source for images,, so you can get a discount on either buying individual images or a subscription.

Click Here to Redeem the Exclusive Offer for John Papa’s friends from Fotolia: fotolia-52_600

Fotolia provides me access to affordable images that I can use legally for my videos/presentations (see their terms for full details). I am always careful to make sure that when I use images I verify that I have rights to do so. Fotolia has been a great source for images and they confirmed that in my case it is OK according to their terms. Of course, please read their terms for yourself. In my case it works as long as I do not distribute the original images, which is fine by me.

Free Trial Subscription

This trial offer gets you a 1 month Monthly Subscription for 25 downloads with Fotolia. They’ll ask for your billing information, but you won’t be charged unless you continue with a paid membership after the trial. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

The subscription is a great way to go as you can get the highest available file size, and the images download directly on to your computer. They even have a direct link to download them to your DropBox (which is what I do).

Pay as You Go

The simplest option is to just buy some credits. The deal they set up will give you 50% more Credits on your first purchase and get an additional 5 Credits free.

See them in Action


My new course Pluralsight course “The Art of Public Speaking and Effective Presentations” provides a road-map for delivering effective presentations and motivating an audience through forming your message, designing visuals and demos, preparing for the unexpected, and effective delivery strategies. By the end of this course, you will learn many techniques on how to become a more effective presenter. Along the way you’ll find tips from many accomplished speakers including some of your favorite Pluralsight authors.

Disclaimer: I have purchased 40+ images from using their credit based options and spent over $200 before switching to a subscription. I was very happy with what I got for $200 but the subscription is much cheaper if you want many images. I contacted Fotolia to see if we could work out a discount for a future subscription since I use them so much and they agreed to give me one. In addition they also offered to give a discount to anyone I refer to Fotolia.